Wellness Way Counselors will continue to offer therapy to New and Existing Clients through Telehealth. We offer Video Conferencing or Telephonic Sessions in the privacy of your home. Please feel confident to contact us to schedule your confidential session with one of our licensed therapists!

Contact us at 724-550-4404 or 304-554-2170 for more information


Wellness Way Counseling Services
for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Effective Mental Health Services in Uniontown, PA, and Surrounding Communities

For counseling in Uniontown, PA, contact Wellness Way Counseling. Wellness Way Counseling Services specializes in counseling individuals, couples, children, and families to balance life and overall emotional wellness. Wellness Way Counseling Services offers clients in Uniontown, PA and Morgantown, WV, a strength-based counseling approach unique to each person, with a goal of empowerment. Give us a call (304) 554-2170 to see how we can help you.

We Offer Effective Outpatient Mental Health Services in the Region 

Turn to Wellness Way Counseling Services for some of the most effective outpatient mental health and wellness counseling services in the region, close to where you live and work: Most Insurances accepted. We provide counseling sessions for:

we do individual counseling


We do couples counseling


we do families counseling


Meet Our Licensed Professional Counselors on Staff at Wellness Way

Wellness Way Counseling Services offers licensed professional counselors for your counseling needs:


Our licensed, professional counselors are National Board-certified providers.

Wellness Way Counselors Offer Proven, Effective Treatment

When it comes to the variety of mental health diagnoses, the experienced counselors at Wellness Way Counseling Services offer proven, effective treatments for:

  • Anxiety
  • Life Change Adjustments
  • Affair Repair
  • Help for Veterans
  • Children’s Issues/Behaviors
  • Couple’s Counseling
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Grief & Loss
  • Healing from Past Hurts
  • Relationship Issues
  • And Much More

We welcome the opportunity to expand our services to the Bridgeport, WV, area. All appointments at this location are virtual and can be made by calling 304-554-2170.

Did You Know...?

  • Regular attention to your mental health can help you achieve greater peace of mind.
  • Worries and stress add years to your body’s systems.
  • Poor mental health can lead to poor physical health.
  • Speaking with a trained counselor can be very beneficial to your health and wellness.
  • Counseling enhances personal relationships and individual understanding.
  • Counseling can help you achieve a greater sense of balance in various aspects of your life.
  • Mindfulness counseling can support innate empathetic and intuitive qualities.

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Contact us at 724-550-4404 or 304-554-2170 for more information

Are You Experiencing a Mental Health Emergency?

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest emergency room for immediate help. You may also choose to call the Fayette County Crisis line at any time: (724) 437-1003, or 1-800-232-0020 in Monongalia County, WV. Wellness Way Counseling Services LLC serves Fayette County, Pennsylvania, as well as the Morgantown area in Monongalia County, West Virginia.

Contact Wellness Way Counseling Service when you need counseling services in Uniontown, PA, and surrounding areas.