Wellness Way Counselors will continue to offer therapy to New and Existing Clients through Telehealth. We offer Video Conferencing or Telephonic Sessions in the privacy of your home. Please feel confident to contact us to schedule your confidential session with one of our licensed therapists!

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Effective Treatment for Mental Health

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Are you looking for counseling services in Morgantown, WV? If so, come to Wellness Way Counseling Services. Our daily lives can be stressful and hectic. While taking care of your physical health is vital, maintaining and treating your mental health is just as important. Our experienced counselors at Wellness Way Counseling Services, can create a counseling plan to address your needs.

Whether you are struggling with relationships, a significant life change, or need someone to talk to, we can help. Give our licensed professionals a call at (304) 554-2170 and we will make your mental health a top priority.

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Everyday problems and obstacles can impact your general mood and mental health state. A build-up of stress and tension can cause significant problems in your day-to-day life. Anxiety and depression can interfere with your work, relationships, and family connections. Struggling with these conditions and mood disorders is not unusual and you are not alone. At Wellness Way Counseling Service, we can assist you in managing these issues and help you to make positive choices.

Wellness Way Counseling Services Helps Morgantown, WV, Families

Family is usually the most special part of our lives. However, other’s moods and behavior impact family relations. This is a common obstacle within the family unit and it’s usually brought on by reactions to everyday inconveniences. Here at Wellness Way Counseling Services, we help Morgantown, WV families communicate in a healthy, productive manner.

We Are Proud to Serve Couples in the Mountain Lakes Region

Too often, couple’s view counseling as a last resort effort to save a relationship. However, in most situations, minor complications and communication problems can be overcome with effective counseling. At Wellness Way Counseling Services in Morgantown WV, we can work with you as a couple or on an individual basis to help you communicate effectively.

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